You Are Loved (3:28)New
"Are We Nearly There Yet?" (2007)

You Are Something (2:06)
"We're All Normal And We Want Our Freedom: A Tribute To Arthur Lee And Love"
LP & CD Alias Records A-058 (1994)
"And They All Lived Happily Ever After" (2005)New

You Are Special And You Always Will Be (3:26)
"Closer To God"

You Don't Know How Lucky You Are (4:36)
"Closer To God"

You Kept Me Waiting Too Long (4:27)New
"My Dark Places" (2006)

You, Me And Lou Reed (3:00)
"You, Me And Lou Reed" EP 12" Fantastic Plastic FP003 (1993)
"You, Me And Lou Reed" EP 7" Little Teddy LiTe 740 (1997)
"Fashion Conscious"

You'll Have To Scream Louder (5:18)
"The Painted Word"

Your Class (3:45)
7" Clawfist singles club CLAWFIST8 (1991)
(b/w BMX Bandits "Someone To Share My Life With")

You're Younger Than You Know (4:24)
"Closer To God"