Tell Me About It (3:00)New
"My Dark Places" (2006)

There's No Beautiful Way Of Saying Goodbye (3:47)New
"My Dark Places" (2006)

They'll Have To Catch Us First (2:14)New
"My Dark Places" (2006)

Things Have Changed Since I Was A Girl (3:18)
"I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod"

This Angry Silence (2:39)
"And Don't The Kids Just Love It"

This Angry Silence (live) (3:00)
"Chocolat Art"

This Heart's Not Made Of Stone (4:19)
"Closer To God"

This Heart's Not Made Of Stone (live) (3:50)
"Top Gear"

This Heart's Not Made Of Stone (live) (3:32)
"Made In Japan"

This Time There's No Happy Ending (2:20)
"Salvador Dali's Garden Party" 12" Fire BLAZE 37T (1989)
"Privilege" CD extra track

Three Cheers For Simon (2:25)
"Smashing Time" 7" Overground OVER 023 (1992)

Three Wishes (3:36)
"Three Wishes" 7" Whaam! WHAAM 4 (1982)
"Three Wishes" 7" Overground OVER 020 (1991)
"Yes Darling, But Is It Art?"

Three Wishes (5:25)
"They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles"
"Prime Time"
"Part Time Punks"

Three Wishes (live) (1:35)
"Alive In The Living Room" LP Creation CRELP001/CRECD001 (1984)

Three Wishes (live) (3:20)
"Chocolat Art"

Three Wishes (live) (3:50)
"Camping In France"

Three Wishes (live) (2:45)
"Made In Japan"

Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning (6:30)
"Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning" 7" Little Teddy LiTe 716 (1995)
"Fashion Conscious"

TV On In Bed (3:35)
"Don't Cry Baby....It's Only A Movie"