London * Central Poly * 23/4/88

  1. Beautiful Despair
  2. What If It's Raining?
  3. This Angry Silence
  4. If I Could Write Poetry *
  5. It Was Something That She Said
  6. Paradise Is For The Blessed
  7. All My Dreams Are Dead
  8. Sylvia's Mother [Dr Hook]
  9. Three Wishes
  10. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
  11. Painter Man
  12. Silver Machine [Hawkwind]
  13. Fire [The Crazy World of Arthur Brown]
  14. Without You [Harry Nilsson]
  15. The Way We Were [Barbra Streisand]
* Ends with about one minute of 'Crash' (The Primitives).

Many thanks to Marcus Lindén for this setlist.