Gourock * Janey's Bay Hotel * 22/7/84

  1. Silly Things Lovers Do
  2. Three Wishes
  3. Silly Girl
  4. Miracles Take Longer
  5. A Picture of Dorian Gray
  6. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  7. Painter Man
  8. Someone To Share My Life With
  9. Part Time Punks
  10. David Hockney's Diaries / Medley
  1. Wouldn't It Be Good [Nik Kershaw]
  2. Anarchy In The UK [Sex Pistols]
  3. She Loves You [The Beatles]
  4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun [Pink Floyd]
  5. I'm Waiting For The Man [Velvet Underground]
  6. Sister Ray [Velvet Underground]
  7. I Can See For Miles [The Who]
  8. Two Tribes [Frankie Goes To Hollywood]
  9. This Charming Man [The Smiths]
  10. Love On Your Side [The Thompson Twins]
  11. Wild Thing [The Troggs]
  12. Roadrunner [Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers]
  13. 96 Tears [? and the Mysterians]
  14. Helter Skelter [The Beatles]
  15. Don't You Want Me [Human League]
  16. You Think You're A Man [Divine]
  17. High Energy [Evelyn Thomas]
  18. Away From The Numbers [The Jam]
The medley is unusual in that it passes through the typical 'classic rock' territory and playfully includes snatches of then contemporary chart hits.

At the end of the recognised covers, the music continues with Dan's amusing lyrics sounding half-improvised. These are reproduced in full here:

Boys and girls go home to bed
Listen to what your mother said
I love you, you love me
Why am I so unhappy?
God helps those who help themselves
So help yourselves from the shelves
I say my prayers I say amen
I wish that we were Echo and the Bunnymen
Aren't they cool? Yeah
And Frankie Goes to Hollywood
I wish I could
And if I could I'd sit on your bed
I'd watch your TV
I'd sit on your knee
You could fondle me for a moderate fee
She asked me if she could paint me nude
I though that was a little bit rude
I often see her taking her alsatian for a walk
She's a funny girl she's teaching it how to talk
And I'm a boy and you're a girl
So let's go to bed
I look in a mirror and what do I see?
Beautiful me
Most of all I want to be in David Hockney diaries
Most of all I want to be in Howard Jones's diary
I'd be as happy as could be

Many thanks to Michael Conway for the extra information.
You can read Michael's recollections of the TVP's trips to Scotland in the memories section of this site.

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