Camden * Dublin Castle * 21/6/96

  1. Stop And Smell The Roses
  2. Three Wishes
  3. All My Dreams Are Dead
  4. I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Anyone Again
  5. Typical American [The Goats]
  6. Silly Girl
  7. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  8. Painter Man
  9. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
  10. Part Time Punks (the original 7" version played over the PA) *
  11. Another Rainy Day In Manchester
This gig took place on the day of the funeral of Matthew Fletcher, the drummer in the band Heavenly who tragically committed suicide. Dan had attended the service in Oxford, then had to return to London for this performance. He introduces the gig with these words:

"Well what a fucking life I've had. This IS the last TV Personalities gig ['Ever!' shouts somebody in the audience]. It fucking is. It was my birthday Wednesday. Guess how old I was? [A few suggestions from the audience.] Close. No, I've got better things to do. Time I settled down and had a family and stuff like that. A legitimate family. Turn that light off. Thanks. I've had a really smashing day, I went to a really nice funeral today. You won't have heard probably, my friend Matthew from Heavenly killed himself the other week. It was a good funeral... Had a few drinks, enjoyed myself. My turn next..."
Dan then launches into a heartfelt 'Stop And Smell The Roses'.

Note that TV Personalities' reputation for unusual covers is demonstrated by their rendition of a track by US rap artists the Goats.

The knowledge that this was the last TVP performance until 2004's unexpected re-emergence made the already sombre atmosphere of the gig all the more poignant. The final song in the set ends with some lines borrowed from Blur's 'To The End' and the band leave the stage, amidst mutterings from the audience... They leave you aching for more.

* Graeme - bassist at this performance - writes:
just thought that I would write a quick note that in the Dublin Castle show on 21/6/96 Part Time Punks was actually played on my ancient valve dansette, not over the PA. just thought it may be of marginal interest...