Edinburgh * The Moray House * 19/10/85

  1. I Remember Bridget Riley
  2. A Good And Faithful Servant
  3. Girl On A Motorcycle
  4. If I Could Write Poetry
  5. Just Call Me Jack
  6. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  7. The Painted Word
  8. The Grocer's Daughter
  9. A Sense Of Belonging
  10. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
  11. Three Wishes
  12. Bike
  13. Painter Man
With an American drawl, Dan jokingly introduces this gig with the words, "Hi, we're the Long Ryders, we're from San Francisco. It's really great to be back in Glasgow."

"Salvador Dali's Garden Party" includes these extra guests:
Pete Shelley (of the Buzzcocks)
Simon Le Bon (of Duran Duran)
Barry Sheene (British motorcyclist, world champion in 1976 and 1977. Sadly died of cancer in 2003)
Julian Cope