The Hague * The Old State Printshop * 18/6/93

  1. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  2. Three Wishes
  3. All My Dreams Are Dead
  4. Stop And Smell The Roses
  5. Poem
  6. If I Could Write Poetry
  7. Coming Home Soon
  8. Seasons In The Sun
  9. A Good And Faithful Servant
  10. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
  11. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
This gig was part of the Crossing Borders Festival.
Dan mentions several times that it's his birthday the next day.
Rini Pijnenburg writes: "Took some time, had to get in touch with the organisers of the Crossing Borders festival, but I now know the name of the venue. It's 'De oude Staatsdrukkerij' which means 'The Old State Printshop'. It was some sort of a factory building. It no longer exists."