Kassel * Spot * 15/5/95

  1. Three Wishes
  2. Mummy Your Not Watching Me
  3. Honey For The Bears
  4. I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod
  5. King And Country
  6. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  7. Very Dark Today
  8. Little Woody Allen
  9. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  10. Bike
  11. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
  12. Now That I'm A Junkie
  13. Stop And Smell The Roses
  14. Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be
  15. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
  16. All My Dreams Are Dead
  17. This Time There's No Happy Ending
  18. My Imaginary Friend
  19. Darkside
  20. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
  21. Silly Girl
  22. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
  23. A Good And Faithful Servant