Greenock * Subterraneans * 13/12/86

  1. Adventure Playground
  2. Interstellar Overdrive
  3. Batman Theme
  4. Instrumental / Blue Monday
  5. Magnificent Dreams
  6. Silly Girl
  7. If I Could Write Poetry
  8. A Life Of Her Own
  9. Conscience Tells Me No
  10. Happy All The Time
  11. Paradise Is For The Blessed
  12. La Grande Illusion
  13. I Remember Bridget Riley
  14. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
  15. Someone To Share My Life With
  16. The Painted Word
  17. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  18. Three Wishes
  19. Now You're Just Being Ridiculous
  20. The Girl Who Had Everything
  21. In A Perfumed Garden
  22. King & Country
TVP gig flyer
Gig flyer courtesy of Paul Barr.

Paul Barr and some friends ran a club at this venue for 8 months. He writes of this gig, "I remember the power cutting that night and the band trying to play past the 12 midnight curfew and being thrown off stage by the bouncers."

Paul also supplied the attendance figures for the gigs promoted at the club. This TVP appearance was third, with 157 people attending. Felt were second, and the Pastels the most popular.
To see more of this club's flyers, visit the Tangents site.

You can read more at the new Subterraneans page.

This live review appeared in issue 4 of the Greenock-based 'Smalltalk' fanzine (1987).

The mark of a truly great band is how they get the adrenalin to flow. Amazing stuff, adrenalin - d'you know they reckon it's molecularly similar to LSD? Religious nuts used to starve themselves for weeks (they call it fasting), and then they'd beat themselves to a pulp with a birch or whatever (and there's a word for that too). This would trigger a rush of adrenalin and these idiots would find themselves talking to God. Such a merry way to get yourselves tripping, don't y'think? More socially acceptable than drugs, too. Now, if you bear all this in mind, it should be obvious that if something can get your adrenalin to flow, then it might possibly get you stoned out of your box. The TV Personalities were just this something, and boy, did they explore the possibilities! I ended up sitting on the floor ('cos I wanted to dance but there wasn't enough room), almost inside the speaker, grooving verily. Fuses weren't the only thing that blew that night; my mind was in a similar state. A simply WUUNNNderful gig. The TV-P's don't make the adrenalin flow, kids; they make it GUSH.

And then the bloody houselights came on and a voice said: "It's not up to us. Something to do with God." Rubbish, I say! God, being all-wise and thus knowing how good the TV-P's are, was in the audience and He was grooving with the rest of us. Believe me; I was talking to HIM!