St Gallen * Grabenhalle * 13/9/84

  1. King And Country
  2. Silly Girl
  3. Look Back In Anger
  4. 'All The Things I Never Said To You'
  5. Three Wishes
  6. La Grande Illusion
  7. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  8. Geoffrey Ingram
  9. Then God Snaps His Fingers
  10. This Angry Silence
  11. If I Could Write Poetry
  12. The Painted Word
  13. Part Time Punks
  14. Jackanory Stories
  15. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  16. Medley * Intersteller Overdrive, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, I'm Waiting For The Man, Louie Louie, Day Tripper, Das Model, I Can See For Miles, Silver Machine, Blue Monday, Painter Man