London * Deptford Crypt * 12/7/85

  1. King & Country
  2. A Day In Heaven
  3. The Painted Word
  4. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  5. Someone To Share My Life With
  6. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
  7. Three Wishes
  8. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  9. A Sense Of Belonging
  10. If I Could Write Poetry
  11. The Grocer's Daughter
  12. La Grande Illusion
  13. Silly Girl
  14. Look Back In Anger
  15. Stop And Smell The Roses
Also playing on the bill were The Mighty Lemondrops and 1000 Violins - see the press ad below.
Deptford gig advert
However, Stuart Cant writes:
The flyer for the gig at The Crypt names the supports as The Mighty Lemon Drops and 1000 Violins. I was a big fan of both but neither of them played that night. The support ended up being I Fuck A Nun. They were 2 guys who did poetry at the Room At The Top a few times. This time they had a band though which included Ed Ball (The Times) on either guitar or bass and Tony Conway (Mood Six singer) on drums even though he'd never played drums before. It ended up with them having an argument and one of them slashing themselves with a stanley knife and having to be taken to hospital! The TVP's were amazing as usual.
Many thanks to Stuart Cant for the info.
Addendum 30/11/04
David Newton, guitarist in the Mighty Lemon Drops, writes:
I can 100% confirm that we played at that gig (Deptford Crypt). Dan & Emily invited us down to play this (our first London gig). We all stayed at Dan & Emily's flat on Poynders Road in Clapham, & the following night Dan put us on at The Room At The Top, with The Membranes, and in fact "performance art" act "I Fuck A Nun" also performed that night. This gig got "rave" reviewed in the NME by "The Legend" the following week &, for better or for worse, our (the bands) lives were quite probably changed forever as a result of this!
Many thanks to David for the extra info.