St. Inbert * JuZ * 10/7/87

  1. Beautiful Despair
  2. The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
  3. Paradise Is For The Blessed
  4. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  5. Happy All The Time
  6. King & Country
  7. Three Wishes
  8. Born Again
  9. Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
  10. If I Could Write Poetry
  11. Silly Girl
  12. Now You're Just Being Ridiculous
  13. What If It's Raining?
  14. Living Next Door To Alice
  15. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
  16. The Boy In The Paisley Shirt
  17. Painter Man
  18. Into The Groove
This gig has a possible alternative date of 9/10/87, the day before the gig at Linz.