Dornbirn * Spielboden * 10/4/93

  1. Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be
  2. Your Baby's Gone Down The Plughole [Vocals by Jowe]
    [Jowe talks to the audience]
  3. Honey For The Bears
  4. Me And My Big Ideas
  5. The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
  6. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
  7. God Snaps His Fingers
  8. All My Dreams Are Dead
  9. David Hockney's Diaries
  10. Not For The Likes Of Us
  11. Little Works Of Art
  12. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
  13. This Time There's No Happy Ending
  14. This Angry Silence
  15. Closer To God
  16. Seasons In The Sun
  17. Silly Girl
  18. Stop And Smell The Roses
Dan leaves the stage after the first number and is absent for over five minutes. Jowe fills in by singing a number and joking with the audience. Dan eventually returns and quips, "Ok, everyone can have their money back."