Canterbury * Kent University * 5/11/88

  1. She Has To Make A Drama Out Of Everything
  2. Reach For The Stars
  3. Room At The Top Of The Stairs
  4. Three Wishes
  5. This Angry Silence
  6. The Grocer's Daughter
  7. If This Isn't Love
  8. Silly Girl
  9. La Grande Illusion
  10. Stop And Smell The Roses
  11. Paradise Is For The Blessed
  12. If I Could Write Poetry
  13. Someone To Share My Life WIth
  14. A Good And Faithful Servant
  15. A Sense Of Belonging
  16. Sylvia's Mother
  17. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  18. Look Back In Anger
  19. Jackanory Stories
  20. You're My Drug
This gig featured Ed Ball on keyboards.