Biel * AJZ * 4/1/84

  1. The Plot To Kidnap Paul McCartney
  2. Silly Girl
  3. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  4. Look Back In Anger
  5. David Hockney's Diaries
  6. La Grande Illusion
  7. If I Could Write Poetry
  8. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  9. Part Time Punks
  10. Three Wishes
  11. Someone To Share My Life With
  12. Pablo Picasso
  13. The Painted Word
  14. A Day In Heaven
  15. Painter Man
  16. Arthur The Gardener
  17. Conscience Tells Me No (very early version)
  18. When Love Has Gone (Early version of Miracles Take Longer)
  19. Smashing Time
  20. Where The Rainbow Ends
This was one of the live tapes sold through the band.
The tape cover says:
"The TV Personalities were:
Dan Treacy, guitar + lead vocals
Jowe Head, bass + vocals
Jeff Bloom, drums
Dave Musker, keyboards
Joe Foster, guitar"

Many thanks to Marcus Lindén for this information.