Essen * Zeche Carl * 3/12/91

  1. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  2. I See Myself In You
  3. This Heart's Not Made Of Stone
  4. Me And My Big Ideas
  5. Not For The Likes Of Us
  6. An Exhibition By Joan Miro
  7. I Get Frightened Too
  8. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
  9. The Engine Driver Song
  10. Privilege
  11. Honey For The Bears
  12. How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
  13. Goodnight Mr Spaceman
  14. Bike
  15. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
  16. You Are Special And You Always Will Be
  17. Love Is Better Than War
  18. You're Younger Than You Know
  19. Magnificent Dreams
  20. Closer To God
  21. Paradise Is For The Blessed
  22. The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
  23. Very Dark Today
  24. Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
  25. Geoffrey Ingram