Edinburgh * The Cavern * 2/4/88

  1. The Lives Of Millionaires
  2. It Was Something That She Said *
  3. The Engine Driver Song
  4. All My Dreams Are Dead
  5. A Sense of Belonging
  6. Three Wishes
  7. David Hockney's Diaries
  8. Sylvia's Mother [Dr Hook]
  9. ???
  10. If I Could Write Poetry
  11. Living Next Door To Alice [Smokie] *
  12. Silly Girl
  13. King And Country
  14. Fire [The Crazy World of Arthur Brown]
  15. ???
  16. Without You [Harry Nilsson]
Support was by The Catburgers and Hangmans Beautiful Daughters.

This gig ends rather abruptly when a record is played over the PA, to the jeers of the audience. Perhaps the promoter wanted to get them off the stage!

Stuart Cant, who promoted this gig, writes:
You mention on the set list for Edinburgh Cavern on 2/4/88 that the gig finished very abruptly. This is very true. I promoted this gig and was promised sole use of the venue till 3am but at about 1 the owner let in all his regulars and even put his own DJ on as the band were still on stage. We obviously argued with him and I'm sure he wouldn't give Dan his jersey back which he'd left in the dressing room. That was the one and only gig I promoted there.

* This version is faster, harsher, and has completely different lyrics to the one documented in the unreleased material section of this site (which is from the London Ambulance Station, 22 December 1984).
* At the end of this song, Dan sings a couple of lines from the Jesus and Mary Chain songs 'April Skies', 'Happy When It Rains' and 'Just Like Honey'.

Edinburgh Cavern 2/4/88
Many thanks to Stuart Cant for this flyer.
Thanks to Michael Conway for the set details.
You can read Michael's recollections of the TVP's trips to Scotland in the memories section of this site.