Interview with TVP's by Greek online music mag...

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Interview with TVP's by Greek online music mag...

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...conducted just prior to the Thessaloniki gig...

Worth translating through Babel Fish..'ll get the gist of it and have a bit of a laugh as well! :wink:

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Prophet of the one that we call today brit-pop, the Dan Treacy with their Television Personalities reconciled the generation punk with the Syd Barrett and xanava'ftjse ' 60's and ' 70's in in the cauldron that was the explosion ' 76-'77. Presence always more sporadjki ' and contradictory afterwards the ' 86, it without fail met worse the last decade, with all the fames for narcotics ', that he was homeless, that it was in the prison, still and that it had died, they come out genuine (except from the last one fortunately). From pe'rysj however it made once again hesitantly his appearance with - mediocre - ' Dark Places ', important and only for the confirmation of his presence and, the previous week, visited once again after twenty years his Greek friends, public that with his line him it has honoured as perhaps no other.

We met the Dan Treacy with the remainder group (Mike Stone, ' Texas ' Bob Juarez, Kev Mann) few hours before his appearance in the Principal, prepared for a "difficult" interview and were partly only denied. Cordial and poetic, kolakeyme'nos without fail from his admiration ape'nantj' that it found here, even after so much years (something that possibly does not meet often more), with the enthusiasm of small child but still smaller possibility of concentration in the discussion, akata'sheta talkative par' all these, us compelled to follow the frets his fragmentary and often contradictory thought. Thus somehow, the few hours until they play the same evening - and after in the beginning us it asked interpreter kacw's it claimed that it did not speak English - we found themselves from their White Stripes in their Sex Pistols, from the Syd Barrett (where we had been warned we do not report) in brit-pop, and from the prison in the Kate Moss but also in the Kate Nash. "His Mad diamond" therefore, as j'ndalma', or one still poet that his muse him went to dark parts, perhaps the difference she is smaller than that we believe. Dan Treacy: (it sighs telling to myself) Still a interview that me will ask for the Syd Barrett.

MiC: You remember the previous time where you had played in Greece?

Dan: The previous time where we played in Athens (it tries it remembers), we had played more from trejsi'mjsj hours.

MiC: It was ' 86 in the Mad Club, I was there ', the second day exist a did girl that licked your shoes, him remember?

Dan: W yes (encoysjasme'nos), still and drummer had stopped. Recently we played in London, and he was a girl that me looked at insistently, didn't only make something other, me looked at and smiled, say she was the himself?

MiC: Possibly you have not realised that you have many fans here.

Dan: This is beautiful. Him I know however because they communicate with me, to me they send messages.

MiC: Existed some point before twenty roughly hro'nja, where the sales of TVPs were bigger here from that in England.

Dan: Does not tease, this is problem of England, no my own.

MiC: It isn't however strange?

Dan: Look at, the TVPs they play roughly a time the by year's in London, and the world it is astonished that I am still live.

Mike: Perhaps the Greeks have better goy'sto.

Dan: From the other however, we have twelve years we play in America, in the LA however exists somebody club with t name "The part-time punks". We played also however in Scotland and they were fantastjka', they were as if to me they said "us it does not interest your past", it was anakoyfjstjko' for change.

MiC: You knew that your friend the Nikki Sudden did remain often in Thessalonica?

Dan: Lypi'cika too much when I learned that it died, more sokarj'stika however, as my parents, with the death of Epic Soundtracks, the brother of Nikki.

MiC: Where is the Ed Ball?

Dan: Ayti'n.ti the moment watches with his woman one police order in the television.

Mike: We spoke ago two hours, to us it sent his wishes. Currently it does not play nowhere, I believe that it writes. I I keep the place of Ed Ball when it wants it returns, in one month or in ten years, I am provisionally in their TVPs.

MiC: In the course of years, it came and left always.

Mike: Now it is except.

MiC: Doesn't the Victoria (Yeulet) play anymore with you?

Dan: A, the Victoria (tragoyda' the song of Kinks).

Mike: No, but we maintain contact.

Dan: It is not here, only her spirit it is here.

Mike: It stopped it plays with us December, now it has made hers group with the Ben from their Cribs, they are said Congregation.

Dan: Beautiful group, my polyare'soyn however, to me they appear somehow as their White Stripes. With the occasion, the White Stripes are henceforth except fashion. The Meg is beautiful and cute, this however is mala'kas. That song... (tragoyda').

MiC: You mean the ' Seven Nation Army ' from the Elephant?

Dan: Yes. They made entire album their with my guitar and my amplifier. They went in studio, and i I had left there the guitar and my amplifier why hrwstoy'sa money in studio, him did find there the Jack and it made entire my album with guitar, but knows something? They are carpets.

Bob: The guitar however is heard beautifully.

MiC: Who you consider your more important influences?

Dan: Mainly my next beer.

Bob: Our drummer, Kevin, plays in biggest than his influences, their Creation. The Kev plays also in their Eight TV and their Buzzcocks. No time is perplexed.

Dan: Glam rock, the New York Dolls. Do all speak for punk rock, why however doesn't speak no one for glam rock? Bob: The Roxy Music and the Brian Ferry.

MiC: The Creation were however behind in ' 60's, are classic rock.

Dan: Classic rock, precisely. This ' we are.

MiC: You however you were in the years punk, in the dues of ' 70's.

Dan: Do not dare me to call punk. Yes, I was there ', him you do not say however nowhere.

MiC: The same season however, the Johnny Rotten said that classic rock they are waste.

Dan: The Sid Vicious, beautiful person, really beautiful. And the John Lydon good is, simply plays the game, the world accuses their Sex Pistols because they play now and take millions, this precisely is however the substance, has still the spirit punk. If it is to take so much pounds in order to it presents a circus, this was punk.

Bob: Break the rules once again.

Dan: Yes, it does not need the money, it is pa'mploytos.

MiC: It didn't feel strange means in the explosion punk?

Dan: Yes, it was fascinating, was what dreamed. ' Prepe ' tan the Ed Ball here ' speaks for them. We we did not grow with music, asholoy'mastan with films, the Edward it still deals.

Bob: Pe'rysj in September we played in a tribute for Syd Barrett, they were particular evenings. He was there the Ian Barrett, nephew of Syd, we were known and allilografoy'me, we have become friends.

MiC: I believed that the Dan feels bad for the Syd Barrett.

Bob: Him it loves, not hears what says, the Syd it was his bigger influence, it means many for this, in first album it had his photographs. Encoysja'stike when it knew his nephew, felt that it came more near in the himself. As when it played with the Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

MiC: When did become this?

Bob: The ' 84 ' ' 85, in the Hammersmith Odeon. It has also played with their Nirvana.

MiC: Yes, this ' was known, the Kurt Cobain was a'llwste eats the TVPs. What me puzzles with their TVPs is that they existed so much epjdrastjkoj' - the Dan reported previously the club Part-Time Punks in the LA, reading however the musical press today is as the TVPs did not exist never. It is not right.

Mike: He is insane, even something as brit-pop that we mainly had in England before 13-14 years, group as their Oasis, those, that signed in the Creation, the label Alan McGee that also the himself was influenced a lot and inspired by the Daniel, you hear therefore certain songs of Oasis and him they make precisely as in the album ' Closer the God '. It was very epjdrastjko's, in all.

Bob: This we try to accomplish with these la'jv, it is heard once again. I gave in the Pete Doherty of partially cds TVPs and encoysja'stike, the himself and drummer the Babyshambles. In order to you are epjdrastjko's as composer it should you do not fear the conventions, you break the rules. The Dan him made these before 30 years.

MiC: I cannot compare the Doherty with the Dan.

Bob: You have right, the Dan influenced the Peter, but him worships, because in from what it passes he sees.

Dan: (thinks the Kate Moss) the last time where I was in the prison, and was the last time, I hope... I had one night still in order to I come out, I was in prison for 4-5 weeks, and the last evening me they ask, "Daniel, you it teases to you we bring this press", and come this, me it asks "who you are", to him I say "me they say Daniel", "with what you deal" me asks, "is in" to him says, "comes out tomorrow, but it no" - him I did not say this. This press therefore was cousin of Kate Moss, me asks "knows the Kate Moss", "you mean the model" to him I say, "no him I do not know". If it is your last night in the prison, you keep blocked your mouth. "Is lesbian" to me says, "truth" to him I say. Me it woke up in the 4 morning in order to me it shows a photograph that it had in his wallet, and was this with the Kate Moss, the press it said truth. If him you are thought, the life are a prison, the clouds, this there could be the door keljoy', you see that tree and think "how I will reach there", does not exist apo'drasi, cannot escape from the rock ' n ' roll.

MiC: Appears a joy now.

Dan: Certain times xyrj'zomaj for weeks, afterwards however I feel my age and xyrj'zomaj, and later I am looked at in mirror of uranium of arc and beer, and think "by no means bad". Look at here (in the Bob), the rjge' trousers, the shoes - I had written a song ' Special Chair ', these however they are special shoes - I am completely mod, thus it isn't?

MiC: How it is you work with the Dan?

Mike: Relaxedly, the Dan pajdey'ej a lot the songs, if he does not finish something in first one-one-two times him it usually abandons, him he finishes with first, he is very spontaneous. Before little time, we had studio for three days, but the Dan it was not presented by no means, he did not feel creative. Worked therefore i and the Bob, prepared his certain things and him showed afterwards also he liked.

MiC: Work something new now?

Mike: We prepare two singles that will come out shortly, in the Elephant, one Spanish label, first will come out very shortly, is said ' The Good Anarchist ', in b-side plays also the Edward Ball.

MiC: You will play new songs tonight? Mike: We will play certain, we have a lot of new. Perhaps we play one or two from the ' Dark Places ', I do not know, but also newer, songs that have still not been heard.

MiC: You still did not decide.

Mike: Never we do not know, the Dan decides, changes opinion when he is in the scene, he is very spontaneous.

MiC: It is better thus.

Mike: He is amusing, fascinating, we are group that it does not prepare setlists. Next single in the Elephant will be said ' People Think That We Raises Strange ', and the two will come out before the end of year. I believe they will come out in limited copies, perhaps 1000 in the beginning, and if exists demand we will print more.

MiC: Dan, in interested always the art, the painting, have written songs for painters, the Dali, the Lichtenstein, k.lp.

Dan: Yes, in in the next year perhaps I have the occasion to make a report with my tables, you can therefore pass and throw a glance my st' dirty linen. The women will have dwrea'n entry, the Kylie Minogue, the Kate Moss...

Bob: And the Kate Nash, him we before knew roughly one year in the tribute for Syd Barrett.

Dan: A yes, the Kate Nash, very new girl, him we met the passed week, it will become big Star. For me'na, anyone is good and polite it can become, it does not need you go up in the scene in order to you become big Star.

MiC: What other you do like from the new music?

Dan: Without fail the Amy Winehouse, and still groups as the Scouting For Girls, the Pocket Promise.

MiC: Who is better that was said - or it was written - never for se'na?

Dan: (crjamveytjka') He is still live! (laughters) :D

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