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Jowe on Myspace

Post by Keg » Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:40 pm

Jowe now has his own Myspace page:

Some interesting news in his first "blog" entry too :D

music and art plans for 2007

Hi Folks!

I've just arranged a gig for ANGEL RACING FOOD with those nice folk at The Bull And Gateau for 10-2-07. This will be timely cos our album will be released (at last!) by those excellent people at Topplers in Scotland. I am really pleased with the solo album, and the Olives Hairy Custard one that they did with me. Oh - lets not forget the Merman Blues single , too!

Meanwhile, I am painting like a thing possessed, to get a load of pictures ready for an exhibition in Berlin in Easter 2007. I went there last year to take part in a group exhibition (see photo), and Bert, the top-man at the Praxis Hagen Gallery, invited me back to do a solo-show, bless him. I am plotting to take the band with me so we can do our first gig over the water. I went to Berlin a few times last year with Lee, our guitarist, to do a few shows but they were more-or-less Swell Maps nostalgia-style events to mark the sad death of my old mate Nikki Sudden. It is essential to play some new music for the world!

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