Jowe Head mailout 25 March 06

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Jowe Head mailout 25 March 06

Post by Keg » Sun Apr 02, 2006 8:20 pm

Here's Jowe's latest news, posted to his Yahoo group last week.
Jowe Head wrote:Greetings people!

Versprung Spring-time teknick!

I am sending some art-works over to Berlin in May for an exhibition at the Praxis Hagen gallery, and playing some tunes at an event there the same week - some with Nikki Sudden. Rumours of a Swell Maps reunion are exaggerated, however.

I am also having a solo exhibition the same month in London at this place called Sutton House near my home in Hackney. Its called Sutton House, owned by the National Trust. Gosh - very posh, I hear you say. I remember it as "THe Blue House" when it was squatted in the 1980's. I played there with TVPersonalities and Palookas. I don't think that I'll tell them that...yet!

Last week I finally finished and mixed 9 solo tracks. Some of these were used on a very limitted edition CD called "Slyboots". I have at least 10 more to polish off. Among the last ones were a version of EVIL ISLAND HOME by the late great KEVIN COYNE, for a tribute album. Ive also done a tribute to SUN RA, which is medley of 2 of his tunes: STRANGE TERRESTRIAL RODAS and ITS AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD. Some of you may know my version of PAPER MACHE by BERT BACHARACH already. Odd bed-fellows, eh?

More news soon
This was written just before the sad news of Nikki Sudden's passing was announced.

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