The Heineken Interview...starring Dan Treacy...

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The Heineken Interview...starring Dan Treacy...

Post by Nonsuch » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:30 pm

In anticipation of TVP's upcoming show in Madrid, Dan was recently interviewed by Heineken ES... Proof that TVP's refresh the parts of the body that other bands cannot reach?? :wink:

Here's the interview...

Hi, Dan. How are you? Maybe you don’t remember but we were talking by phone few days after you released “My Dark Places”. It was an interview for a Spanish rock mag. You talked to me about the hardest times (your dark places) of your life. Have you become a more optimistic person in the last two years?
I’m optimistic that I can hold myself together more, but as for the world, I think its basically a fucked up (dark) place.

What have you been doing after releasing “Are we nearly there yet”?
Mostly drinking!

Many people thought it was a new TVP record but the songs were recorded before the “My Dark Places” sessions. Am I wrong?
No, they were recorded at the same time..We did about 42 songs altogether and chose for My Dark Places from there..Some songs were lost due to computer malfunction.

I was surprised a lot when I listened for the first time the remake of “If I could write poetry”. A sad song turned into a sunny techno-pop tune. How did you decide to change the mood of the song?
It’s the Bob Dylan syndrome..I often re-invent my songs. I disagree that it is now a sunny pop song..It’s actually got more minor chords than the original version.

Who are in TVP’s at this moment? Ed and you? Is he still your best friend?
Sticky Mike and Texas Bob..two great guys who virtually got me started again doing music - I met Texas at a Syd Barrett tribute …and professor Kev Mann, who is also the drummer in legendary sixties band The Creation. Edward Ball is still my best lady friend.

Do you ever listen to your old songs? Is there any of your lyrics which still hurts you? Frankly, I think “Someone To Share My Life With” is one of the saddest songs ever written.
Yeah, occasionally I’ll listen to my old songs…Most of my lyrics evoke memories..I’m very aware that I have not written too many "happy" songs.

Have you found anyone to share your life with yet?
Mind your own business!

I read TV Personalities played as guests in an acoustic performance by Pete Doherty. Were you invited by him? What do you think about him? Is Pete the kind of pop star you dreamed of… more than 20 years ago?
We are friends with Babyshambles members and we have now played a second time with Pete Doherty..We have not even spoken..he’s a great songwriter but he is definitely not my idea of a popstar..I have and never will dream about "popstars".

Have you seen “Control”, de Anton Corbjin film? What’s your opinion?
Yes..its a tremendous film in my eyes..Poignant and very funny in parts.

Could a musician became a cult pop star without a difficult behaviour or a hard life behind him? In other words, do you think Joy Division would be recognised as they are if Ian Curtis didn´t commit suicide? Or Kurt Cobain?
I think both Joy Division and Nirvana were cult bands long before the tragic deaths of Curtis and Cobain. Of course a band can be a cult without tragedy - my favourite "cult" band, for instance are sixties band The Monks.

Do you use to receive phone calls of artists that like to play with TV Personalities? Any name?
So many bands…that’s why I now don’t have a phone!

And your relationship with Domino staff? Is it broken?
No, I get on great with Domino…No contract..nothing broken..Next LP could be with them, maybe not. They are very honest, good people.

Have you decided which label will release your next album?
It’s not for me to decide..Nobody has heard it yet..We may even release it ourselves.

You have released a 7” in the Spanish label Elefant Records. How did you meet?
We were invited to do a single…Have not even met Luis whose label it is..It is all done on trust.

You’ll be playing soon in Madrid . Reading the festival website I find out that you are invited to discuss with your fans about the songs that changed your life. Could you tell me two or three of these songs. And why are so important for you?
Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers,Television Marquee Moon, Moondog. Important because they taught me that music comes in many forms.

Do you keep listening to music or you’ve tired of the British pop scene? Have you discovered any young band we should listen to?
I don’t listen to radio..I go to Rough Trade record shop in London if I want to hear music. There will always be good up and coming bands – The Shebeats, Pocket Promise, The Neurotic Sweethearts, Hot Pants Romance, Amida, The Von Erich Family, for instance.

Finally, I would like to know the funniest thing you’ve done in the last days. And the most important thing you have learned since you recovered your freedom.
Skipped along the street last night, drunk on vodka, with a beautiful girl on each arm! I never lost my freedom..Freedom is a state of mind.

Thanks Dan!
You’re welcome.
P.S.lock up your daughters!

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