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Lucy's Diary feat Mike TVP's 18th January @Hoxton Underbelly

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:19 am
by Nonsuch

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:24 pm
by Nonsuch
Poster-girl Lucy Joplin (front woman and founder of Lucy’s Diary) has kept a secret diary from age 13 after the death of her mother. The diary writing arguably helped save her own life given the rollercoaster journey from Kings Cross that followed marking a life as dramatic in adulthood as it was in childhood. Transforming the diary into songs became a therapy, a release from a turbulent life of homework in hostels, evictions and addictions, modelling and motherhood, rock’n’roll and relationships.

After encountering the UK antifolk scene and meeting axeman JJ Crash at an East London open mic - and bonding over a shared love of late 70s pop-punk like Blondie, Buzzcocks and Patti Smith as well as the subtle dramatic brilliance of Love - Lucy’s Diary became a band. Shortly after they were joined by music producer and ex-Death In Vegas guitarist Ian Button on drums, turning Lucy’s Diary from a one woman acoustic show to a live and loud 3-piece.

After some time spent arranging the songs and perfecting each track, Lucy’s Dairy went into the studio to record their debut Rock Kicks with drummer Ian at the helm as producer. They have since been joined by Television Personalities bassist Mike Stone bringing another chapter to the Diary.

Their charged debut single Not Your Type At All picked up plays from BBC’s Jonathan Ross and Absolute FM’s Frank Skinner.