Television Personalities
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Phil Wilson's official June Brides website.
Michael Harding's official 1000 Mexicans site (Whaam! artistes).
Brazilian fan site for Dreamworld artistes One Thousand Violins.
A fairly comprehensive site for The Mighty Lemon Drops, whose first release was on Dreamworld.
Official site for ex-Swell Maps Nikki Sudden
My sister site, devoted to '80s English popsters The Farmer's Boys.
* Temporarily down as of autumn 2005 - back soon *
A Sarah Records archive.
Official Cinerama site.
Official site for now disbanded Marine Research.
Official site for Tender Trap (ex-Heavenly & Marine Research).
Official Beachbuggy site.
Official Chameleons site.
Official Fall site.
A Wedding Present site.
A site for the much-missed girly indie janglers The Popguns.
And now there's an official Popguns site.
Unofficial site for the late, lamented Kitchens of Distinction.
The Spacemen 3 archives.
A UK site for Spacemen 3.
Creation Records. These two unofficial sites provide an information resource on the label, its history, the releases and the bands.
Poptones is Alan McGee's latest label.
Joe Foster's revived Revola label.
A site for The Associates / Billy Mackenzie here.
Josek K / Paul Haig here.
A site for BMX Bandits is here.
Unofficial Close Lobsters site.
An unofficial, but comprehensive Wire site.
Scottish band The Paisley Shirts have recorded a number of TVP covers. You can download their version of 'The Dream Inspires' from the site.
Although now disbanded, German band Milton Fisher have a great song about the TVPs available for download at their site.
Members of Milton Fisher now play in the fabulous Woog Riots.
My own group, The Container Drivers.
Topplers Records includes MP3 downloads of Jowe Head and TVP covers by the NoMen. You can also buy the Jowe Head solo single here.
Cult British band Half Man Half Biscuit site.
Ed Hornsby's Forgotten Band Planet contains info on many lesser-known bands from the early 90s, including The Family Cat, The Telescopes and Midway Still.
In a similar vein, my own Bird Poo has discographies including Orange Juice, Sweet Jesus, The Hinnies, Tiger, Thrilled Skinny and King of the Slums.
Ad's excellent Indie Pop Links page.
Indiepages features bands, labels, reviews and much more.
Including the home of Matinée Records.
The same site also has a great page of band links.
The mod-tinged Ready Steady Go! site.
The Syd Barrett home page at Dolly Rocker.
New Zealand's leading independent label Flying Nun Records.
Leading American indie label K Records.
DJ John Peel's official Radio One page.
Tangents is an intelligent and eclectic musical essay site.
NewDan Treacy's favourite new band - Dustin's Bar Mitzvah.New
The following sites were useful when researching this site.
- The best free encyclopedia site I know of.
Internet Movie Database
- This site was invaluable when researching the films. The cross-referencing came in very handy.
- A site devoted to British films, including many of the ones found on my own site.
Sixties British Pop Culture
- A site containing much information about Sixties music and films.
Swingin' Chicks of the '60s
- This site has information on many female icons of that decade.
The official Mary Quant website.
- A contemporary Mod site featuring music, fashion, films and clubs.
This Rita Tushingham fan site has some pics from Smashing Time, plus the lyrics from the soundtrack.
The Artists - an index of 20th Century artists, with many links.
David Hockney.
The permanent Hockney exhibition at Saltaire in England.
Roy Lichtenstein on Artchive.
The Andy Warhol Foundation.
Andy Warhol on Brain-Juice.
Pablo Picasso on Artchive.
Official Salvador Dali Museum web site.
Joan Miró Foundation.
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