Television Personalities
There are a few pages on this site that are tucked away and easily missed. For this reason, I've created this new section on which to compile them. I will also add any curiosities here in the future that don't particularly fit in an existing section.
The Bill Grundy interview with the Sex Pistols
On the 1st of December 1976, the original line-up of the Sex Pistols (Rotten, Cook, Matlock, Jones) appeared on Thames Television's 'Today' programme. Hosted by Bill Grundy, this was a live news / current affairs show which was broadcast at teatime in the London area. The Pistols debut single 'Anarchy In The UK' had just been released when they went on the show.
Salvador Dali's garden party
This page documents the changing guest list at Dali's party. It was some Happening!
Evan Dando and the TVPs live in Berlin
The TVPs played a mammoth gig on New Year's Eve 1989 in Berlin, performing almost 50 songs. Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando joined them on stage for a couple of numbers. This is the set list. [Opens a new browser window]
Boy About Town lyrics
During live performances in the Summer of 1993, Dan read out a poem called 'Boy About Town' which includes elements later used in the song 'I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod'.
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The Househunters live
A photo of Jowe Head's Eighties band.
Greenock Subterraneans
Television Personalities appeared at Subterraneans in Greenock, Scotland, in December 1986. Here are a selection of flyers from that period, plus a list of the visiting groups and attendance figures.
Dan Treacy returns - May 2004
The story of Dan Treacy's holiday at her Majesty's pleasure, with a subsequent update.
Photos of Dan - October 2004
Some photos of Dan Treacy taken at his DJ appearance at 'How Does it Feel?' in Brixton, October 2004.
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