Oh God I feel so miserable
My whole damn life's unbearable
Think I'm going to kill myself today
I couldn't get much worse
I think I'll have another cup of tea first

And I can't believe
How grim my life is
There's no food in my fridge
I'll stay in bed all day and watch TV
Oh 'Mary, Mungo and Midge'

I would go out tonight
But I haven't got a thing to wear
Once I had a job
Then I found a job
And then I had two jobs

I'm sure I could be a soap opera star
In 'Coronation Street'
Star with Vera Duckworth and Rita in the Kabin
And what's my chance if I act anything like I sing?
Hand in glove
The sun shines out of my behind

It's just another rainy day in Manchester
It's always raining
And I'm so miserable
And I've never been laid
And we've just signed to EMI
Cos we'll never get a number one on Rough Trade

It's just another rainy day in Manchester
Another rainy day in Manchester
It's always raining

From the live performance at Queen's College, London, on 31/10/86

Mary, Mungo and Midge - A childrens TV programme made in 1969 which followed the adventures of Mary, her pet dog Mungo and Midge the mouse. The programme used animated cardboard figures. Click here for more information.
I would go out tonight - A line from 'This Charming Man', the Smiths' second single.
Once I had a job - A pun on the lyrics from the Smiths' 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', in which Morrissey laments, 'I was looking for a job and then I found a job / And heaven knows I'm miserable now'.
Coronation Street - A long-running British television Soap Opera, which began in 1960. It is set in an imaginary district of Manchester not unlike Salford, where Morrissey was brought up.
Vera Duckworth and Rita - Both characters in the soap.
Hand in glove - The Smiths' debut single from 1983.
Incidentally, the city of Manchester is infamous for the often inclement weather!