Jowe Head
The Palookas Lineup:
Jowe Head - vocals
Paul Holt - guitar
James Robotham - bass
Trudie Holt - keyboards
Ritchie Praline - drums
Clear Day Clear Day
Clear Day / Virginia's Wolf / Phantom Of The Gaumont
12" Prophet Records (Profit 11) 1985
Virginia's Wolf Virginia's Wolf
Virginia's Wolf / Take Me Back
7" Constrictor (Con 00006) 1986
Run Rabbit Run Rabbit
Run Rabbit / Hit The Bottle / Swim Head / Cufflinks
12" Hollow Planet (HOP 001) 1987
Run Rabbit promo Run Rabbit (promo split-single)
Palookas - Run Rabbit
Spit Like Paint - A Happy Song
7" Hollow Planet (HOP 001/2) 1987

Note: Spit Like Paint's "A Happy Song" was also released on 12" by Hollow Planet (HOP 002), with the additional tracks: Joe Shamity; Black Gauce; Woman Me Out. This 7" was intended as a promo for the respective 12" releases.
Gift Gift
Constrictor - Con 00002 - 1986

Clear Day
Hot Tin Roof
Cut The Rug
Hobby Hoss
Saddle In The Ground
Raise The Titanic
Wooden Hills
Red Letter Day
Dump Dump (Mini-LP)
Constrictor - Con 00012 - 1986

I Want To Be Free
Fondest Regards
Only Get To Heaven
Phantom Of The Gaumont
All The Will In The World
Hit The Bottle Hit The Bottle
Constrictor - Con 00032 - 1988

Hit The Bottle
Quality Street
The Girl With Everything
Leggo Land
Chicken In A Basket
Dr. No
Run Rabbit
Black Peter
Rubber Johnny
Schmalookas Schmalookas
Historia - Star 9101 - 1991

Hippy Song
Hygiene High
Paint The Town
Nest Egg
Piss Me Off
Cowboy Builders
Monopoly (version) [hidden song on CD, not listed]
Classical Music Classical Music
Constrictor - Con 00039 - 1989

Hit The Bottle
Clear Day
Virginia's Wolf
Girl With Everything
Fondest Regards
Phantom Of The Gaumont
Swim Head
Take Me Back
Quality Street
Run Rabbit
I Want To Be Free
Only Get To Heaven
Doctor No
Black Peter
Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly
TPSU RECORD 0001 (1985)

Includes Red Letter Day (live).
10 Years After The Goldrush
Constrictor LP (1987)

Includes Virginia's Wolf.

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