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Mr Jowe Head
Photo: Ayako Tamura, 'Made In Japan' LP (Little Teddy).

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Jowe Head
Jowe Head's long musical career began with Swell Maps in the Seventies and went on to include a ten year stint in Television Personalities (1984 - 94) as their bassist.

Running concurrently with his time as a Television Personality, Jowe was also a member of the Palookas and The Househunters, in addition to releasing material in his own name.

After leaving Television Personalities in mid-1994, Jowe was a member of the band Olive's Hairy Custard. In recent years he has played and recorded with The Long Decline and Angel Racing Food. His current musical vehicle (2008 -) is Jowe Head & the Demi-Monde.
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