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How Does It Feel? 1/10/04
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How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel?
Dan Treacy took a turn at playing some tunes at the 'How Does It Feel?' club night at the Canterbury Arms in Brixton, London, on Friday 1st October. Ed Ball was also in attendance. Simon Knott, writes:
We went on Friday - it was the first time we'd been to HDIF. We came down from Ipswich - there are similar things happening in Ipswich and nearby Colchester, but they tend to happen in big halls; it was unexpected that the Canterbury Arms was so small. I was very impressed.
Had a long chat with Dan afterwards. He seem to have had a good time. "I've not done anything like this for years", he said. "I was still in bed at seven o'clock".
Ian (the DJ) gave him a fair amount of assistance - there were still some big gaps ("Did you hear those big gaps between the records?" Dan said afterwards. "That was art, that was") but how wonderful it was to hear 'He's so fine' loud, and also the Zombies. Modern stuff? Dan played the Killers and Morrissey (he told me afterwards how much he likes Morrissey - "He's like an estate agent you can trust", he said).
Dan seemed a bit bewildered that people had come for him rather than the music. He was happy to sign a few CD covers I asked him to sign, although when I gave him 'Fashion Concious' to sign he did say 'piss off, even I don't own a copy of that'. He did sign it, writing "Best wishes, Dan. Now Piss Off". :-) I did promise to burn him a copy. He also signed a five pound note for my friend, writing 'Bitch Magnet' pointing to the queen. I'd consider offering it to Lord Saatchi, and giving Dan the proceeds....
I think it would be great if Dan could get some work out of this. Live music, I mean. He was interested, enthusiastic, articulate and full of ideas. I understand he is recording stuff. I think he'd love to be playing live.
On Saturday we went to Notting Hill Arts Club to see the wonderful Dialect. Just thought I'd mention it.
Originally sent to the Yahoo! TVP discussion group, 3/10/04. Reproduced here with permission of the author.
Grateful thanks to Murray T for the photos.
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