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Paris La Fleche D'Or 28/01/2009
Lineup: Dan Treacy (guitar, vocals), Texas Bob (bkv, guitar), Mike Stone (bass), Kev Mann (drums).
Antoine Leblanc:
As I said/asked last week here, TVPs played La Fleche d'Or in Paris on Wednesday night. And played and played again, almost 2 hours! The crowd was surprisingly large and enthusiastic - I have always thought I was one of the only 4 or 5 TVPs fans in Paris, where have these people been all these years?

Anyway, the gig started around 11pm, which left me time to get to know Mike and Kev (Lovely lads, nice one) and talk to Dan for a while. Dan was in very good form, pleased to be there and impatient to go onstage.

As you all know TVPs gigs are more often than not a hit and miss affair, but not that one. Superb gig, everyone in the band (and in the crowd) seemed to enjoy themselves, and the set list was astonishing. Too many to mention, but "all the hits" (Part time punks, Dali, 3 wishes...) plus so many "rare" / more obscure songs I could not believe my eyes and ears. Evan doesn't ring me anymore, Paradise is for the blessed, Angry Silence, Geoffrey Ingram, Servant, I was a mod, Nervous Breakdown, Poetry, My Dreams are dead, and many many more. I still have shivers down my spine just typing this.

And you know what? Out of this amazing collection of old and loved TVPs songs, which ones were the best? The new ones. You're My Yoko is very good, and Go Towards The Lights is simply fabulous, this on a late Wednesday night in Paris, boy, I had a hard time trying not to be too emotional. But Somesone To Share My Life With finished me off...

So that's it, I spoke again to Dan after the gig, and there are plans for a short French tour in a few months, so I'm off to buy a camper van !

Thanks again lads.
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