Television Personalities
London 100 Club 2/8/2005
Lineup: Dan Treacy (guitar, piano, vocals), Ed Ball (bass, piano, bk vocals), Victoria Yeulet (bk vocals), Mathew Sawyer (drums).
Plus guest appearances by Jowe Head (bass), John Bennett (drums), Gerard Bennett (bass) and Dave Musker (piano).
It was an historic evening at the 100 Club. But before Television Personalities played we were treated to an enjoyable set by the TVP's current drummer and his band, Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts. Following him were Sportique; I thought they'd split up, but clearly not. The presence of a couple of new tunes in their set was encouraging. And so to Television Personalities. Early highlights included a lovely piano version of 'A Picture of Dorian Gray'. After about 45 minutes, Jowe Head was invited onto the stage, joining Dan for the first time since 1994. Ed Ball moved to the piano while Jowe played bass on 'Salvador Dali's Garden Party' and the poppy new tune 'She Can Stop Traffic', which became a medley with Bowie's 'Heroes'. The fun continued with a school reunion with the Bennett brothers (drummer John and bassist Gerrard) who had played on the first TVP recording session back in 1978. They joined the band for versions of 'Part Time Punks' and 'Oxford St'. Despite the soundman's protestations, Dan and Ed played on for nearly 90 minutes in total. Great stuff.
* * *
Andrew Nix:
The show was an absolute shambles. Jowe coming on was the highlight - Dan seemed to really light up when that happened. Still - nice parka.
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