Television Personalities
Kilburn Luminaire 11/10/2005
Lineup: Dan Treacy (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Ed Ball (bass, bk vocals), Victoria Yeulet (bk vocals), Mathew Sawyer (drums).
Plus guest appearance by Dave Musker (keyboard).
Andrew Nix:
The Luminaire is a very nice venue and Dan was in a very good mood beforehand. The Red Kites and the Pipettes provided good support and after the latter's entourage had drifted away, the TVPs took the stage with Dan sporting one of the smallest amps I've ever seen, for which he apologised profusely. The performance was much more together than the 100 Club show. The band lined up with Dan Treacy on guitar and vocals, Victoria Yeulet on vocals, Matt Sawyer on drums and Edward Ball on bass guitar. I didn't recognise the first track but I've got it down as "Waster". This was followed by "My Dark Places" and "I Hope He's Everything You Wanted Me To Be" [aka "I Hope You're Happy Now"]. Next came a very tight version of "Long Time Gone" with Matt playing drums standing up, a la Mo Tucker. There was a great version of "No More I Love Yous" with a very compelling performance from Dan and Victoria. After this Dave Musker joined in on keyboards to end the set with a couple of Painted Word tracks. After a brief wait they came back to do "Part Time Punks" for an encore with (I think) a young whippersnapper from Dustin's Bar Mitzvah providing guitar and vocals. Phew.
* * *
Lee McFadden:
Dan said, "I'm being 'good dan' tonight." At the Luminaire he was 'great dan'.

Easily the best gig since the reformation - thoroughly enjoyed it!

Got a text from Edward [Ball] - he says it was Dave from Dustin's Bar Mitzvah who took lead vocals on a chaotic version of "Part Time Punks".

Dan didn't want to sing it - but helped play keyboards. The Bar Mitzvah guy got so carried away, even the withdrawal of his jack lead by Dan didn't stop him!

Last night was vintage TVPs!!!
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