Television Personalities
Camden Barfly 26/12/2005
For this TV Personalities appearance, the lineup was Dan and drummer Mathew Sawyer. The set appears to have leaned towards old material, as "Silly Girl", "Smashing Time" and "14th Floor" were among the tracks played. Also aired was the forthcoming single, "All the Young Children on Crack".
Dan Treacy:
Gig was me and mathew our regular drummer.. doing a lot of old songs.. in fact all old songs.. i did my impression of richard pryor / bill hicks. realy! my own material though!

various people took turns jumping on stage dave from dustins bar mitzvah did a wicked version of 14th floor.. he played guitar and for the first time in my life i did a morrisey with the mikeophone.. felt strangely emancipated without a guitar.. thats all i can remember.. ended up in cool camden bar till 4.30 and the girls!
* * *
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