Television Personalities

Falling Uphill
Falling Uphill 1. Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys! - Dreaming [previously unreleased]
2. Baskervilles - John Riley & The Housewives Who Love Him
3. Television Personalities - Virgin and a Whore [previously unreleased]
4. Jowe Head - Serpentine [previously unreleased]
5. Woog Riots - Mrs Pharmacist
6. Katze - People Jumping
7. The Big Empty - Your Old Volvo
8. The Long Decline - Uncertainty [previously unreleased]
9. Sixtynine & the Continuous People - Sadness in Disguise [previously unreleased]
10. Aunt Wayne - Clancy the Leprechaun [previously unreleased]
11. Swedish Whistler - Beautiful Day
12. Angel Racing Food - Guinea Pig [previously unreleased]
13. Milton Fisher - Something Like Nathalie [previously unreleased]
14. Darrell Whitbeck - Around the World [previously unreleased]
15. Olive's Hairy Custard - Whipper Snappers [previously unreleased]
16. Amanda By Night - Strange, Strange Drive
17. The Container Drivers - The Girl on the Bus [previously unreleased]
18. The Bartlebees - Comin' Out, Stayin' In
19. Rockformation Diskokugel - Tagebuch
20. Summer Factory - Saturday Morning Hangover Tune
Falling Uphill is a superb compilation album from Windless Air Music that features previously unreleased tracks by Television Personalities, Jowe Head and Angel Racing Food among many other attractions. We are pleased to be able to offer a quantity of CDs for sale.

The CD is just £8.50 for UK and European purchasers, inclusive of postage and packing. To order using PayPal, please make a payment to this email address:
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