Television Personalities
Special thanks to these three people for their considerable input:
Darrell Whitbeck, without whom the set lists and the pages on unreleased material and the covers would not exist.
Mark Flunder for the numerous scans, information relating to his period in the group and for the mp3 files.
And Chris Davidson for sharing his archives and for his help in acquiring the photos.
These people assisted with the following sections:
Dave Musker, Mark Flunder, Jowe Head, Mark Sheppard, Lenny Helsing, Graeme, Alison Wonderland, Sexton Ming, Joe Foster, Andy from Little Teddy, Lisa Siegel and Darrell Whitbeck.
John Espen of Underground Records.
The people at Vinyl Japan, Damaged Goods and Fire Records.
Photos: Paul and Jim Barr, Pat McErlane, Chris Davidson, Michael Conway, Mark Murphy, David Coghill, Bertrand, Alison Wonderland, Lisa Siegel, Eric Guyot.
Flyers: Chris Davidson, Paul Barr, Stuart Cant, Phil Wilson, Rob Bruce, David O'Connell, Kevin Chambers, Peter Jones, Cyril Descans, JC Brochard, Darrell Whitbeck, Allan Henry.
Darrell Whitbeck for his invaluable contributions.
Also, Marcus Lindén, Michael Conway, Nick Farey, David Coghill, Stuart Cant, Mark Watson.
Paul Wilson, Andy Nix, Chrys Mordin, Martin Howard, Neill Luckett, Hans-Martin Gross, Peter Jones, Darrell Whitbeck, Michael Conway, Mark Murphy, Filippo Dulio, Dave Driscoll, Marco Rath, Mike Schieffer, Andrew Paterson.
Mark Flunder, David O'Connell, Mark Murphy and Michael Conway for providing scans from their collection of clippings. Chris Davidson for his generous loans of fanzines. Also Phil Wilson, Paul Groovy and Sushil Dade.
Mark Flunder, Darrell Whitbeck and Rob Bruce.
Darrell Whitbeck and Marco Rath, plus Ralf Beyerle, Sue Milnthorpe, Andy Freiburger, Lee McFadden, Michael Frangou, Jowe Head and the people at Topplers.
For their comments, encouragement and the occasional submission: Filippo Dulio, Kalliope Lefkaditi, Andreas Hering, Hélène Martin, Paul Groovy, Iain Baker, Kate Rushworth.
Final thanks... to anyone I've missed.
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